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The Property Of A Lady

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The Girls - Sylvia Trench

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Sylvia Trench

Sylvia Trench

Actress Info

Eunice Gayson

Actress:  Eunice Gayson

Born:  March 17, 1931 --- London, England

Filmography:  The Revenge of Frankenstein, Down Among The Z Men, Zarak, Miss Robin Hood, and One Just Man

Bond Movies:  Dr. No, From Russia With Love

Character Bio:  Sylvia Trench was the first girl the James Bond slept with on screen.  She and Bond met while playing cards in a casino.  He admired her courage and she admired his the card game, that is.  A year later, they met up again.  This time, it was in a canoe along a small lake.

Appearances as "Sylvia Trench":

  • Dr. No
  • From Russia With Love

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